STOVEWORLD - Division of Preston Trading Post
America's #1 Stove Store

STOVEWORLD - Division of Preston Trading Post
America's #1 Stove Store

Dubbed “one of the world’s largest stove dealers” and revered as America’s #1 stove store, Preston Trading Post boasts an impressive selection of stoves, fireplaces, home furnishings and other innovative products as well as a modern — and fun — facility to shop in with the entire family. In fact, Preston’s thriving marketplace can be attributed to building its business on the cornerstone of family.

Now, busy customers can enjoy the savings and savvy of this top-rated store with the convenience on online shopping through STOVEWORLD, Preston's e-commerce site.

"My dad started the company in 1974 to keep himself busy during retirement. It started as an antiques and collectibles store. He’d go to auctions to buy antiques and other collectibles and he would sometimes buy wood and coal fired kitchen ranges and wood stoves. This was during the height of the first oil embargo. Some prominent stove manufacturers came to visit him, and the whole thing took off from there.

Since then, we’ve built up a long list of generational customers -people who were brought here as kids with their parents, and now they come here as homeowners with children of their own,” shares President Joe Biber.

Now that 39 years have passed, what’s changed at Preston? Customers flock from all over the region and nation to find out why Preston Trading Post’s staff and products have earned more than 70 industry awards.

To understand why Preston’s has been called the “most genuine general store in New England,” Biber offers his business philosophy. “We’re authentic, organic, in a sense. There’s nothing artificial or contrived about the way we do business. We’re honest and fair with our customers."

This commitment to providing a comfortable, professional purchasing environment and making the homes and hearths of New Englanders toasty and cozy has earned Preston Trading Post a bevy of devoted customers and a position that is unrivaled.

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  • US Mail: STOVEWORLD, PO Box 830, Norwich, CT 06360
  • In Person: Preston Trading Post, 651 Route 165, Preston, CT 06365